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Learn From A Pro.


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Hi, I’m Shaun.

NFL Strength Coach & Men's Online Fat Loss Expert

Shaun is like no coach or trainer you’ve ever had. Shaun is a 25+ year master trainer, multi-gym owner, bodybuilder and one of the nation’s top strength & conditioning coaches who is known for coaching the NFL’s #1 TD Scorer in the 2012-2013 season, WR James Jones (GB Packers, 14)

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The Most Sustainable Fitness Solution.

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life Once and For All

My mission with SNF method is to develop fun and sustainable programs that are simple and effective. If you are a beginner or pro, there is something for everyone at SNF. The SNF Transformation Program is completely flexible and personalized to you. 

My ultimate goal is not only to help you transform your physique, but I will teach you exactly how I do it along the way so you never have to hire another coch again.


  • You've been struggling to lose 20-25lbs of body fat & can't find a system that is easy to follow and you can stick to

  • You're in good shape, but you're having a hard time cutting the last 5-15lbs of fat.  You need to break through strength plateaus and go for that 6-pack, athletic look

  • You're skinny fat and need to slice off fat, but increase strength and muscle size by the week

  • You're already lean but struggle to get stronger and build that rock hard muscle.  This program will help you pack on 6-10lbs of muscle & increase your strength by 20-30+lbs in the next 4 months!

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If you fall into any one of those four categories and you're SERIOUS about making a change then I need to talk to you.

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Tommy Hernandez
Father, Entrepreneur

I had the opportunity to work with Shaun in his 16 week program.  In those 16 weeks I was able to reach my goal of losing 25lbs!  He took my fitness to the next level as well as teaching me about proper nutrition which was key for me!  Shaun was available 24/7 with any questions I had and always responded right away.  I would highly recommend Shaun if you're serious about getting in shape the proper way!

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Michael Walker
Father, Senior Software Engineer at IBM

Shaun Nunes was my coach for over a year and during that time I got in the best shape of my life.  Not only did I have significant weight loss and strength/muscle gains during our time together, but I also became more flexible, had reduced back pain, and stronger gut health. 

I have had several trainers over the years and can tell you that Shaun is the real deal and knows what he's doing.  I was going to the gym consistently but not getting stronger.  I was trying to eat healthy but wasn't losing weight. With Shaun, he helps with accountability and sticking to the plan and makes it enjoyable along the way.

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Mateo Lopez
Husband, Marine

If there's ever a doubt, who gives two damns!?  That's when it needs to be done.  Best decision i've made for myself in a long time, the investment was worth it!!!  I'm RICH (not money) in my life now.  I am so much healthier and stronger than i've ever been!!  I needed a push and my friend for life now, Shaun got me there and i'm appreciative.  He is a positive role model, a man of God and he's willing to put in the work with you as long as you put in the work for yourself.  The Lord works in mysterious ways and i'm SOOOO GLAD I met Shaun!!!   




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