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Get in the best shape of your life and learn
how to do it along the way.











PTM is the most effective and sustainable online fitness coaching experience to torch fat, pack on muscle and FEEL your best. This is accomplished with 3 up to 6 hard hitting workouts per week, a personalized recovery program and the most enjoyable diet of your life eating foods you desire every single day.

Over the last 25 years i've helped transform thousands of men from around the world using the same exact formula.  Increasing client success rates year over year. The only fitness SYSTEM on the planet that leads with education and empowerment.

Men that were beginners, skinny fat, too busy, had no appetites, were muscular but now overweight – have followed the system to a tee and absolutely transformed. Not only did they achieve insane results, they did so in just 16 weeks. 


The best part?  They learned EXACTLY how we did it along the way!

Now, I’ve decided to take my most most cutting edge e-learning experience, SHAUN'S SHRED SYSTEM, revamp it to make it more effective, powerful and deliver it as a 4 month masterclass to transform your mind & body for good. It will be more valuable than any in person training experience money can buy. 


Everything that I had to learn, understand and master to achieve my physique goals, I will be programming into your brain. Not to mention, you'll have video trainings and continued education files teaching you everything you need to know about turning into a fat burning machine.

Following this flexible system will be easier than anything you've ever tried. I will walk you through every step inside the program.



High performers have a focused mindset that minimizes distraction.  They understand their unique individual goals and their "IT," the thing that drives them most, which we will establish day one...


You will receive a new workout program every 4 weeks.  Whether you workout with dumbbells only or the full gym this will be personalized to YOU based on your schedule, time and goals.


Every exercise for every program will have a video demonstration clearly showing how to perform each movement properly from start to finish.  This will mitigate injury and skyrocket strength gains!


Shaun will create your personalized meal plan based on your goals, your budget, foods you desire and time you have available.  It's about flexibility and sustainability so you will also learn how to change your meal plan anytime you want.


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Imagine you have achieved your dream physique.  You finally got there with tons of dedication and hard work.  BUT, you had to give up all the things you love along the way and you have no idea how you got there.  What are the chances you'll be able to sustain the results you achieved?  Slim to none, right?  Now you're back at square one.  I call it the vicious yo-yo cycle of weight loss. Sound familiar? 

I'll be honest, it's not hard GETTING you to your goals. I'm more interested in HOW you got there.  Because all those fad diets, work.  Never eating carbs again, works.  Not eating for 16 hours a day, works. But is it sustainable for the rest of your life?

This is where most people go wrong.  They want the easy, quick-fix but also want it to last forever.  I wish it were that easy, lol.

This is a lifestyle.  WE NEED to properly fuel ourselves everyday to continue evolving and pushing forward in this crazy competitive world.  WE NEED to start feeding our brains with the energy and knowledge we need to keep paving the way for generations to come.  We want to sprint but we need to keep the pace consistently for a long time.  More like a marathon.  Therefore WE NEED to find something we enJOY, something we can be enthusiastic and excited about.  WE NEED to find a sustainable fitness solution we can adopt and engrave into our lives.  And that's EXACTLY what my PHYSIQUE TRANSFORMATION MASTERCLASS is all about.



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The secret to finding a sustainable nutrition approach is starting with foods you love.  When you love the meals on your meal plan, you'd rather follow your plan than eat anything in the cupboards or on DoorDash.  You actually WANT to follow your meal plan! 

Then when you add the fact that you can eat out, have a drink and go to your buddy's house for a UFC fight without having to bring your we're talking.

You see, most "fitness gurus" out there give you a cookie cutter meal plan they give to all their clients.  Then they tell you as long as you follow that (boring, bland) meal plan you'll achieve your goals.  No swaps, no adjustments just suck it up and you'll get there.  This approach absolutely never works.  YOU need a specific meal plan for YOUR body type and food preferences.

My macro & calorie calculator will give you the exact number of calories your body needs to transform.  Your meal plan will add up to your specific daily calorie and macro goals.  So all you have to do is follow it.



Now, i'm sure you're asking:


"What if I want to eat something new?"

"What if I want to eat out?"

"How do I do it?"


So this is where the masterclass part comes in. You will have a series of video lessons where i'll show you how to easily hit your calorie and macro goals regardless of whether you're eating at home everyday or eating out.  You will also have the chance to schedule a 15 minute 1-1 weekly check in call with myself where we'll be able to discuss your wins, struggles along with any questions you have, then i'll help provide solutions to those struggles so you can crush your upcoming week. No matter the food choice as long as you follow these lessons you'll understand how to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.  I'm not kidding!




One of the keys to looking powerful and attractive is in developing your aesthetic muscle groups. A stacked upper chest, bowling ball round shoulders, wide and powerful lats and a thick upper back with a tight waist and developed abs making you appear bigger and more muscular than you actually are.  This is a sign of masculinity and power. If you look at most celebrities and male models, they have a low body fat and well defined aesthetics. In fact, adding 1-2” to your shoulder width and cutting 1-2" from your waist can make you look 10-15 lbs of muscle bigger and stronger. 

Welcome to the most effective workout program you'll ever do.  It's time to transform.

Reminder, you will receive a new workout program every 4 weeks from now until the end of our journey together.  Therefore, try your best to keep up with your weekly training commitments for fastest and sickest results.

Before starting each new training phase, be sure to read everything first, then start ASAP.  You will receive the next training phase (via email) the Sunday before your next 4 weeks starts.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Lastly, I want you to keep in mind a few things when starting a new 4-week training program.  Which, you'll have at least 4 of them...

WEEK 1 - Get familiar with the exercises, sets, reps, rest, etc., prioritize using proper form and gauge strength
WEEK 2 - Engrave proper movement patterns and form while gradually increasing weight from last week (if form is OK)
WEEK 3 - Getting better with the exercises, knows proper form, starting to increase intensity
WEEK 4 - Really efficient with the exercises, form is dialed, striving for PR's (Personal Records) you want to lift heavier or do more reps than week 3

This approach will mitigate injury, properly allow your central nervous system to adapt to heavier loads and allow your strength and physique to absolutely transform.  Just wait.


  • You've been struggling to lose 20-25lbs of body fat & can't find a system that is easy to follow and you can stick to

  • You're in good shape, but you're having a hard time cutting the last 5-15lbs of fat.  You need to break through strength plateaus and go for that 6-pack, athletic look

  • You're skinny fat and need to slice off fat, but increase strength and muscle size by the week

  • You're already lean but struggle to get stronger and build that rock hard muscle.  This program will help you pack on 6-10lbs of muscle & increase your strength by 20-30+lbs in the next 4 months!

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Wade, Graham transformations IMG_0846.jpg

If you fall into any one of those four categories and you're SERIOUS about making a change then I need to talk to you.




Flexible or competition strict meals plans available, no fad diets.

(Endless meal swaps, guiltless recipe E-books, fast food E-books, live trainings weighing foods out, logging meals, etc.)

French Toast


DB only or full gym programs available.

Plank of Weights



Every week you'll have the opportunity to schedule a check in call.  On this call we'll review your check in report, discuss your wins, struggles then create focus points for the coming week.

We repeat this process as often as needed until you feel like you have all the tools you need to win.


Every Sunday morning you'll receive an email from me with a short form to fill out.  This form tells us everything we need to know about your previous week's performance.  We use this form as our guide for your weekly check in call.



Continued education, live trainings, exclusive content and an awesome community of support.



I will always do my best to respond back to you as quickly as possible.  This is my full time job and you are my top priority.

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100% Money Back Guarantee badge.jpg

The Physique Transformation Masterclass is designed to guarantee results and leave zero chance of failure.

When you join my masterclass you are getting access to my greatest transformation program ever. Remember there is literally no risk. If you follow this program to a tee and aren’t experiencing the best results of your life within the first month, I will refund you, no questions asked.

But guess what… That literally will not happen. This is my greatest program to date. It is so simple to follow & when you crush the nutrition plan for your body type and lifting program – you get leaner & stronger every week with ease. The transformation you will experience on this program is greater than any other. Because you won't just transform your physique, but you'll learn exactly how we do it along the way.  This is the most important part!  By the time we're done working together I want you to feel confident you can keep it going!

We aren’t just dropping fat & gaining muscle. We are building the most sustainable fitness solution possible for you. This is when you stand out from the pack. Perfect proportion & chiseled features. All you have to commit to

Mirror Stare.PNG

is crushing your workouts & following a super simple and enjoyable meal plan. If you can do that and commit

yourself these next four months I will guarantee you the best body of your life.

Come ooooooooon!  What are you waiting for?


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John McNamara
Father, Fire Fighter

Shaun is a very positive, encouraging coach who helped me tremendously in my fitness journey.  His program was very detailed, easy to follow and he was always quick to respond to any questions or issues I may have had.  He is very honest and holds people accountable which was exactly what I needed in my weight loss plan.  I strongly recommend reaching out to Shaun with your fitness questions or needs!

Art Illinets.jpg
SNF  5 Star Rating.png

Artem Illinets
Father, Works From Home

Shaun is a terrific coach and a great guy.  He works with you in a way that turns healthy habits and fitness into a lifestyle change.  Shaun is an expert in tailoring the plan to your life and goals. With his instruction I have lost 30lbs and counting and am generally healthier and feeling better.  Shaun always takes the time to answer every little question and is always there to motivate you.  I highly recommend him.  If you follow his (very practical) guidance, it's going to be hard to fail.

Brandon Silva.jpg
SNF  5 Star Rating.png

Brandon Silva
Father, Tattoo Artist

I've always struggled with bad eating habits, bad eating schedule, and no type of motivation to do anything active...Since i've joined Shaun's program i've learned how to eat better, gained more energy and overall feel great!  Roughly down 20lbs already and counting!!  Thanks Brutha!!


  • Is this too advanced for me?
    The Physique Transformation Masterclass is designed for the beginner all the way up to the elite, professional athlete. SNF has the ability to design personalized programs for every body type no matter the goal or fitness level. We will meet you where you are and cater the program to you.
  • What equipment do I need?
    The masterclass is designed for guys who have access to at least one pair of dumbbells up to a full gym. You will be able to choose between the DB ONLY or FULL GYM workout program.
  • What plan should I pick?
    Here at SNF we offer 2 different plans, Shred or Bulk. Shaun recommends that if you have any weight to lose you should opt for the Shred plan. If your body fat percentage is 15% or under you can select the lean bulk plan to help gain extra muscle mass and gain definition.
  • I have selected the shred plan, can I change to the lean bulk plan?
    Yes! Once you have reached your fat loss goal and want to start a lean bulk, you can do so at any time. Just let Shaun know when completing one of your weekly check in reports, DM, email or on your 1-1 coaching call.
  • I have signed up for the masterclass, when will I get my plans?
    Once your payment has been successful the SNF team will start working on your meal and workout plans. Your plans will be available within 24 hours. We will review your program during your Onboard call (which you will schedule once you've completed your onboarding steps). By the end of this call you'll be ready to hit the grocery store and get started!
  • How long will I have access to the video lessons and live trainings?
    You will have access to the members only FB group and all SNF masterclass content for as long as you have an active subscription. Once your subscription has been completed, you will lose access to the masterclass unless you and Shaun decide to go on to the Next Level program.
  • How can I pay?
    You only pay if you and Shaun decide you're a good fit for the masterclass. This is not for everyone. First step to seeing if you qualify is to schedule your pre-qualify call. Scroll up this page and click the link. You will be redirected to complete a short form and schedule your call at a day/time convenient for you. If by the end of this call you and Shaun both decide you want to move forward then you'll book a longer call to dive in deeper, create your game plan, then collectively make a decision. You will be able to pay at the end of that call. You can pay ApplePay, PayPal, debit or credit card. Again let us know if you have any questions at and the team will happily assist.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Here at SNF we offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days of payment for your initial purchase of the masterclass. This does not include subsequent renewal / extension of your program. For more information or to request a refund please email us at Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we aim to respond within 24 hours.
  • When can I start my plan?
    As soon as you make your payment you'll want to get started immediately. There will be a Lifestyle Questionnaire you'll complete along with a couple onboarding steps. SNF will have your meal plan and workout program ready for you within 24 hours after signing up.
  • Who can join your program?
    As Shaun is a men's online coach he only works with guys who are SERIOUS about making a change and being coached. But it doesn't matter where you live. Shaun coaches men from all around the world. Since Shaun is an online coach everything is done online. All that is required is an internet connection. All communication is conducted via DM (FB & IG), Zoom and email.
  • Do you have keto or vegetarian meal plans?
    SNF is a whole foods, well-balanced nutrition approach incorporating all types of good quality proteins, carbs and fats you can find at your local grocery store. All macros play a vital role in brain cell regeneration and mental clarity as well as performance and recovery components. All which accelerate results. SNF is constantly reinventing client plans to provide greater variety of meals available. At this stage we do not offer the keto or vegetarian diet. While those meal approaches may work best for you we might not be a good fit to work together. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Will I get supplements with my plan?
    Shaun will have a short list of supplements he recommends for you. These are optional extras. HIGHLY recommended optional extras. Supplements do work and can definitely provide that edge needed for results. But they are "in addition to" your meal plan and not mandatory for results. As a personalized meal plan and structured workout program are the most important things. So as to leave it open for the client’s own personal views Shaun DOES NOT include supplements in the personalized meal plans. The exception being whey protein as we do see this as a staple item to any diet. As a note whey protein can be removed whenever you want just like every other food item. So although recommended as a staple item, it is still optional. Shaun does also provide a “Recommended Supplement Guide” for all clients. Once granted access to the private FB group you'll find it under the Featured tab and on the home feed.
  • What if there is food I'm allergic to? How personalized is the meal plan?
    If there is any food that you are allergic to or simply do not like, that is no problem! During the sign up process you will be able to list your food allergies and mention the items you do not want added into your plan.
  • When do my plans renew?
    Your SNF workout plan will update every 4 weeks. You will receive your next program the Sunday before your next program begins. You will receive this program via email. It's suggested you follow the meal plan we create for you for at least the first 4 weeks. It's important we are able to analyze how your body responds to the specific foods we give you so we can establish baselines and make sure you're at the right calorie intake. But, it's important to mention you will have the option to make meal swaps whenever you want as long as you understand how to make these adjustments while continuing to hit your daily calorie intake goals. Which is what you'll be learning throughout your masterclass.
  • How do I cancel?
    You may cancel at any time by sending an email to
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