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Shaun Nunes

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Since Day One.

My name is Shaun Nunes. My father was a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer throughout my entire childhood.  He literally turned our dining room into a weight room!

I started out as a personal trainer from my teens, 20's and early 30's.  Throughout that time I had the opportunity to launch and manage fitness franchises, family start-up gyms, corporate health clubs, and was a youth speed program director for a franchise, as well as an NFL Speed, Strength & Conditioning Coach for 4 off-seasons.


With the desire to make a larger impact I decided to go full-time as an Online Fitness Coach. 

I help men lose weight in a flexible and sustainable way, but more importantly I teach them EXACTLY how I did it so they never have to hire another coach ever again. 


Why Me As Your Coach?

Suitable for Beginners up to Elite athletes

Available 24/7

Personal Coaching




Helped thousands of men transform their mind and body

22 years of coaching experience

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